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Easy Colloboration and Communication with SharePoint Online

Spending money on your Office 365 Subscription but only using email? Not sure where to start or how to use Teams, SharePoint, Planner or the other systems available. Sharify provides you the platform to leverage your investment around the Office 365 Platform.

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Our Reason

We identified that there is a gap in the market where businesses don’t get enough support and training to be able to optimise and best utilise their Office 365 Suite. As a result, Sharify was born to be able to passionalty and authentically meet this need.

“We are helping businesses optimise their Office 365 SharePoint environment to drive productivity and adding value back to the team!”

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Office 365 Email

You probably already use Office 365 for Email, What more can you get from your subscription?

Mobile Access

Mobile & Secure Access to all of you email and data – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

Flow and Apps

Create Work Flows and Business Apps to improve your teams productivity and ability to deliver results.

Training and Support

Training and Support to provide your team access to content to help them get the most out of the investment already made in Office 365.

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