O365 for Business – What Do We Get with Our Subscription?

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We won’t repeat ourselves – we’ve explained what O365 for Business here

The best way we like to explain Office 365 is that it is a new and improved version of the way you install the MS suite onto your computers.

Remember we used to go into the computer store, purchase our computers and then get a disk to install the MS Suite (i.e. Word; Excel; Outlook; PowerPoint etc.)……….well, Microsoft decided that it was time to move to a subscription based model (think Netflix, Stan, Phone plans….)

When you log in to office.com you see something like this:

But WHAT are all these tools and what do they do? Let’s give you a super quick summary.


Cloud version of your ‘C Drive’
OneDrive = One user
(private for each of the individual users unless they choose to share)
Personal files, not business files.
*Can share files externally



Business Files
Cloud File Server
Used for Document Management AND as an Intranet
*Can share files externally AND with users who do not have an O365 licence



Communication tool for focused groups and or individuals.

Instant messaging (with individuals and groups); online meetings and the ability to connect in files; task management; videos; forms AND MORE….

Like ‘Slack’ with additional features



Companywide communication tool.

Similar to a Facebook group for your business but it is private AND the content belongs to you/your business!



This is Microsoft’s answer to type form; survey monkey; google forms.

Survey’s and Quizzes and can be used internally AND externally
*People completing the form DO NOT need an O365 licence



This is video/audio storage. Like your very own internal YouTube!
You can embed videos across other applications (embed them on SharePoint pages; into teams and share them with users)

The BEST feature is this tool automatically transcribes the audio into captions (and gives you a downloadable file). This lets users SEARCH for words spoken.

Stream is also where recorded ‘Teams’ meetings are saved once they’re ended.



Task Management tool. Very similar to Trello; Asana etc.

Can be shown in an individual’s outlook

Awesome for a centralised task like for a group/team!



This is a process automation and app connector tool. Very similar to ‘IFTTT’ or ‘Zapier’.

You can send documents for ‘approval’, capture form responses into a spreadsheet, notify users of activities, post items to Teams chats……and that is just the beginning!



This is your VERY OWN business App Development Tool!
Create amazing apps that are phone and tablet friendly AND can be used in your SharePoint Intranets

Think of a currently manual business process and with the combination of Flows and PowerApps it will be automated.



Your very own ‘Dashboarding’ tool!

Pull multiple data sources into ONE central dashboard.


If you want to see more of how this will work…BOOK A FREE DEMO WITH US TODAY! 

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