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What is Office 365?

The best way we like to explain Office 365 is that it is a new and improved version of the way you install the MS suite onto your computers.

Remember we used to go into the computer store, purchase our computers and then get a disk to install the MS Suite (ie. Word; Excel; Outlook; PowerPoint etc.)……….well, Microsoft decided that it was time to move to a subscription based model (think Netflix, Stan, Phone plans….) and this was for a few reasons but mainly:

  • We all know how fast technology is changing and it makes it a painful process to try and keep everyone with your product up to date with the latest improvements, SO by using this subscription model and having the installation managed online, GUESS WHAT…we all get to experience the updates as they happen (should we choose to)
  • Saves and makes them more money

Why would you use it?

Well because pretty much ALL of us use the MS suite and given this most of you would actually already have it. For businesses it is probably something you already have just to manage emails and you don’t even realise the other AMAZING things that are included…..because with the business subscriptions (link to an article about the different options) you get WAY more than just the standard MS Suite. . . here is a little image of just some of the tools.

Where on earth do I start?

To be honest, that is what we are here for……you don’t have to get overwhelmed. Start with the low hanging fruit and work your way from there. . . things like:

  • Moving your email to the cloud to increase availability and mobility
  • Getting rid of additional cloud storage costs by moving your files to OneDrive/SharePoint Online (Team Sites)
  • Check out ‘Forms’ for feedback and gathering information

Get in touch with us and we can arrange a demo!