Why you should not sync your cloud files onto your computer

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Why shouldn’t you Sync your cloud files onto your computer  

Let’s be clear – we’re referring in this article, specifically about your business files. We also understand there are clear exceptions to this rule (ie. Like if you’re needing to edit non-native Microsoft files and if your role includes multiple uploads into another cloud system ie. Xero)

However, this is the rule – the above are the exceptions:


  1. Users are storing a copy of files on their own devices.
  2. If one user gets their synced files attacked by a virus ALL users are affected


Specifically when you have many users, syncing can chew up your internet bandwidth AND make individual users’computers sluggish (especially if not done correctly)


When you sync you lose many of the terrific SharePoint Features!

  1. SEARCH!
  2. Metadata tagging of files
  3. Version history
  4. Check-in/out
  5. Did we mention SEARCH?

Inefficiency and down-time:

  1. If one person makes a mistake (aka deletes a whole directory), that mistake replicated
    to all
  2. When sync breaks, and it will, it is pain to re-sync everything OR your users may not realise it has broken and there is a chance of losing data
  3. Every user’s computer can have a different ‘sync’ schedule and will potentially be affected by how it is connecting to the internet which means the sync can (will) break.

In short, it simply a habit that we are in..that is, we just want to see what we’re used to so that shouldn’t be an excuse to keep doing it the same way we’ve always done it.

We appreciate this is a big change for many users but THEY WILL SURVIVE AND ADAPT WITH TIME. Reach out to us for tips and tricks to make this an easier transition!

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